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Twitter Poetry

When Twitter still held a 140 character limit, I filled many sleepy afternoons by writing poems that exactly fit the parameter. What vanity!

‘Twitter Poetry’ never became a thing (I tried), but I saved my efforts anyway. Here are three that I liked, and hope you like reading them.

“Languages” Verbs are sunny days outside. Nouns lock me away. Anger collects all the adjectives. Adverbs subjectify. Sleep is a punctuation.

“Monday” Walk a mile in my shoes shined and ready to going nowhere except to feed the baby needs new shoes. Seven come eleven?? Snake Eyes!!

My Allergies/ Yellow line on curb = no park. Yellow sun in sky = burn issues. Yellow corn in bin = autumn. Yellow dust on car = buy tissues.

Just for fun, in addition to the 140 character poems, I also made each of the paragraphs in this post 140 characters long. I like challenge.

Finally, to poke fun at myself, here is a final Twitter Poem that I wrote today especially for this post, and to give myself the final word.

“Idiom or Idiot?” You’ll find my picture in the Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms on the page with the entry “Too Much Time On His Hands.”

You can read more poetry (possibly more serious poetry) at this link

[Eastern Great Egret photo via Wikimedia Commons by Basile Morin]

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