Prayer For Limitation

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This piece was originally published in January 2020, written right after I finished eight months of treatment for cancer. That had been a physically punishing and exhausting process, and yet it left me lighter than air.

How was that possible?

With my worldly needs so far from being met, only my spiritual needs remained. In the midst of all the lack and pain, I would always turn and find the Lord right there next to me. I could not miss Him.

Why did that happen?

Because I kept asking Him to be there.

And now, in the good times, I need to remember this same truth from Isaiah even more than I did in the bad times:

‘Then you shall call, and the LORD will answer; you shall cry, and He shall say ‘Here I am.’ 1

When times are good, like they are for me today, its easy to forget that times are only good due to the Lord’s favor. So here is a prayer for limitation. Mine, not His.

Heavenly Father, Too often I imagine You in my own image. Then I invite you along on my adventures, instead of asking You to take me on Yours. Please remove any limiting thoughts or ideas I have about You that keep me from better knowing Your ways.

Purge my heart of any idea that You are in any way like me, or that You could possibly be as limited and imperfect as I am. Show me Your perfection instead.

Teach me to always consider You first when making any decision. May I better learn how to call on You in prayer – listening prayer – and take Your guidance, Your direction, Your conviction, and Your correction.

I am Your child. Please teach this willful grown-up how to be childlike.

As I go about my day let me forget about my own ideas of how life has to be. Show me Yours.

I pray in Jesus’ name that His work on the cross will be shown in me today – the love He lived for, the sacrifice He died for, and the resurrection life He gave me as a believer.

Forgive me of any evil thoughts, and lift my sights higher so they can more fully rest on Your glory.

Limit me each day, so that I may show Your Limitlessness instead.

In Jesus’ name I pray.


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