Happy Feet


What can I write on an About Page that isn’t self-serving? Wait – this is supposed to be self-serving. It is Marketing 101, after all. And, I want to sell stuff. 

Regardless, I hope you’ll find edification and encouragement here. 

I describe myself as a reader, writer and raconteur. That’s a fancy way of saying I like words. At my core I am still a Minnesota farm boy with mud on his boots, happiest when out-of-doors.

I have led an interesting life.

As a journalist I won awards for documentary and political essay. For a bunch of  years I was the guy who got up in the wee hours so you could hear something intelligent on the radio at breakfast. As a small-town newspaper publisher, when news broke, I fixed it. I was a digital musketeer in the mid-1990s when the internet was what I and my cohort said it was. Al Gore owes me nothing. When life was tough, I sold cars. On my high horse, I was an account executive with unlimited potential.

I returned to farming for a time in my forties and raised sheep, who taught me much about human behavior and more important, about the ways of God.

As a young teen I once eluded the US Secret Service to spy on the Vice President of the United States. When I was caught, it caused Mr. Humphrey to laugh at his Secret Service detail, and  I avoided prison time.

I no longer write on deadline; now I write as a lifeline. There is great joy in spinning the wheel of ideas to shape the clay of this craft.

I share my days with my wife Melanie in London, where I minister at the Healing Rooms of SW London. I’m currently writing my second memoir and researching my first novel.

Cheers –

Alan Searle

8 January 2020

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