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What can I write on an About Page that isn’t self-serving? Wait – this is supposed to be self-serving. It is Marketing 101, after all. And, I want to sell stuff. 

Regardless, I hope you’ll find edification and encouragement here. 

I describe myself as a reader, writer and raconteur. That’s a fancy way of saying I like words. At my core I am still a Minnesota farm boy with mud on his boots, happiest when out-of-doors.

I have led an interesting life.

As a pre-teen I once eluded the US Secret Service to spy on the Vice President of the United States. When I was caught, it caused Mr. Humphrey to laugh at his protective detail, and I avoided prison time.

As a journalist I won awards for documentary and political essay. For a bunch of  years I was the guy who got up in the wee hours so you could hear something intelligent on the radio at breakfast. As a small-town newspaper publisher, when news broke, I fixed it.

I was a digital musketeer in the mid-1990s when the internet was what I and my cohort said it was. Al Gore owes me nothing. When life was tough, I sold cars. When life was slack, I built a community radio station for kicks. On my high horse, I was an account executive with unlimited potential.

I returned to farming for a time in my late forties and raised sheep, who taught me much about human behavior and more important, about the ways of God.

When the complete futility of my self-directed life shouted loud enough I was able to hear Jesus’ subtle knock on my door. I turned the handle and welcomed him in at the tender age of 56 and haven’t looked back.  

I’m currently detoxing from writing memoir in favor of something more benign, like novels. At least there my fantasies and exaggerations won’t seem self-promotive.


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