Masterpiece (A Love Story): A memoir about sexual abuse (Alan Searle)

Struggling to consciousness in an alcoholic haze, Alan Searle finds himself face to face with the God he abandoned as a child, the God he used to adore, but who he thinks abandoned him. The confrontation comes in a worn-down motel room which he figures is just another stop on the way to life on the street.

Instead, it’s the first stop on a journey back to physical and spiritual health, and a life transformed. Masterpiece (A Love Story) begins as a painful and tragic story of what evil can do to the innocent. It ends as proof that God restores and heals all who hear His call, and then call on Him in return.

This is a story that will encourage the found as well as the lost.

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SOS Parenting: Find Hope, Inspiration and Courage to Love and Lead Your Family Through Crisis (Timothy Mark Boxer) is a quick guide for normal parents who are affected by crisis.

The ideas, real-life stories and activations in this mini-workbook will help parents cut through confusion, reduce stress and gain a vision for parenting and family life.

If you’re overloaded with expert, unattainable advice on parenting, get this book. You won’t get advice. You’ll get honest stories from a family who’ve been on the battlefield and are still in the trenches. You will find hope and guiding principles to help you love and lead your own family with joy, strength and humility.

SOS Parenting does not promise to deliver you from crisis; but it does promise hope. And hope can get anyone out of a crisis.


This book will be released 19 June, 2020