Masterpiece (A Love Story)

Masterpiece (A Love Story)

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A Memoir About Recovery From Sexual Abuse

“This book is a story of extraordinary redemption. The descriptions of childhood abuse and bullying are gut-wrenching, but each chapter pulsates with hope. Masterpiece is a manifesto of God’s radical hope and love for anyone who feels entrenched in addictions or abuse. Searle has proved it: if you reach out in your worst moment, God will answer.” – Tim Boxer, Author, SOS Parenting: Find Hope, Courage and Inspiration to Love and Lead Your Family Through Crisis.”

Struggling to consciousness in an alcoholic haze, Alan Searle finds himself face to face with the God he came to hate. The confrontation comes in a seedy motel room that he thinks is just another stop on the road to dissolution and death. A childhood broken by sexual abuse, bullying and fear led him to a lifetime of loneliness and addictions.

The booze bottle was empty at the same time Alan was, and God took the opportunity to move in. Alan got more than he bargained for, indeed more than he imagined was possible.

Masterpiece: A Love Story is a true story showing that, no matter how bad it gets, no matter what disturbed or degraded places we visit, no matter how unconscionable our actions, God will always meet us, and save us. All we have to do is lift our gaze, hold our our hand and offer our heart. He will take it from there.

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