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Perhaps one-third of the Bible is poetry. God is fond of speaking in verse, and inspiring others to do the same. We use poetry to express love, despair, heal our inner trauma, make true connections with one another, and use our inadequate language skills to share things that otherwise cannot be expressed.

Poetry creates feeling as well as meaning, mood as well as modality.

I have always experienced poetry as a type of music as well as a visual art form. The written word comes alive off the page, but also sinks into the heart as it is heard. Sometimes the cadence and power of the language is more important than the meaning of the words themselves.

Some poetry gives us nothing, some amuses. Some reduces us to tears, or generates anger, or convinces us to join a movement, or changes our lives.

I hope my poetry does any of that, and that you enjoy it. I’m sure I’ll publish a collection one of these days. Until then, here are some samples. If you subscribe I’ll let you know.



Pride and Passion

The Power of Worship

The Potter’s Song

Twitter Poetry