SOS Parenting

SOS Parenting: Find Hope, Inspiration and Courage to Love and Lead Your Family Through Crisis, by Timothy Mark Boxer

SOS Parenting by Tim Boxer cover

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From the book…

“There are many books which unpack the nuts and bolts of parenting, discipline, child psychology, homeschooling and so on.

“This is not one of them.

“My mission is to encourage and empower you as a normal parent to become courageous.

“However, if expert advice on specific aspects of parenting is what you need, a quick internet search will help you. There are hundreds of free resources available to help you survive through this unprecedented time. I encourage you to use them.

“But if you’re in need of hope, courage and inspiration to keep going as a parent, you have come to the right place.”

Tim Boxer believes that the ideas, stories and activations in this book have the potential to change how you see your role as a parent. They will transform your parenting from good to courageous.

As Tim wisely points out, “Great leaders in the workplace exhibit similar qualities to parents because, often, they share similar convictions: they have strong values; a priority on serving their people; a willingness to sacrifice; and a deep concern for the good of each of their followers. They want to take their people with them because their people are their absolute priority.”

They are humble, strong, and above all, loving. They know that their role – leadership – is not a science, it is an art.

They are not experts, but they draw on them to help see through the unique calling of their executive role: bold decision making.

SOS Parenting will help you rise to the challenge of being a parent-leader with strength and humility.

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