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Sky at sunset

Stream of Unconsiousness

Verbs are sunny days outside
Nouns lock me away
Anger collects all the adjectives
Adverbs subjectify

Sleep is a punctuation
My heart lies with the nouns
No definitions are forthcoming
Actions speak harder than words

Failures cross-connect
Building an interlocking hole
Who can take my words and say
The pictures lack some definition

My life in puns, yet so obscure
Kaleidoscopic shifting
Becomes the norm
Norm is for normal

A setting on the washer
A nominal standard
Sought by all
And achieved by none

Of the people by the people
For the people all the people
This is what life looks like
When I cast away identity

In favour of a shroud
Shrouds cover death
Which obscures hard truth –
An envelope for the eternal letter

Sometimes a disguise
For something shameful
Walk a mile in my shoes
Shined and ready to going

Nowhere except to feed the
Baby needs new shoes.
7-come-11? No – Snake Eyes
Casting lots over a broken life

Is a powerless roll of the dice
When I could easily reach out
For the One who keeps knocking
With infinite patience.

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