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Over the Counter, Drugged

Something in your manner, You are

Talking out of both sides of your mouth

About helping me solve my problem (I’ve been in line an hour).

Truthfully, I

Understand you cannot embrace change (Your rules don’t cover my situation).

So hard to hug with thinking cast in stone (1 year’s experience 20 times).

Quoting regulations achieves no

Universal enlightenment (let me restate the issue):


Something in your brushoff. You are

Tired of having things bumped to the next level

Again (call in your manager).

The world often looks the same from my desk

Unless creative thinking is applied

Sometimes (let me see what I can do).

Querulous we often are in our human dealings,

Undermining simple transactions (it’s not my problem).


Image by Alexandros Chatzidimos via Pexels