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an arrow attached to a tree

More Random Thoughts

(A one minute read or a lifetime of pondering).

Life is full of a questions and ideas. Some of them pass like the wind. Some fall to earth and become objects of curiosity for a time. A few of them grow into something I can write about.

Some parts of this short collection could appear later in more complete form. Or may pass like the wind. I can’t see from here.

They are offered for you to think about, write about, or forget about. Freely they were given, so freely I give them away.

  • A life well lived is like a cup shaped by the Potter’s hand. We spend it filling ourselves up, and then pouring ourselves out.
  • We build our monuments on the high ground so as to secure the high ground for what we value, lest it be claimed by lesser hands.
  • We have moved from the age of the Tree of Life to the age of the Bread of Life.
  • Life is our journey to personify God.
  • What is my Spiritual Immune System? How do I strengthen it? How does it fight off ‘sickness?’
  • Good storytelling is like good photography. The framing is as important as the subject.
an arrow attached to a tree

More Random Thoughts

(A five-minute read if you ponder these properly)

What if it was relationship media instead of social media?

The worst days are like run on sentences – they have no punctuation. And, even when they are done, you shake your head and wonder what just transpired.

When the lonely walk down the street, all they see is the pavement.

If you can’t enjoy, then enjoin.

It’s better to wear your heart on your sleeve than wear a sleeve over your heart.

Maybe instead of “seek and ye shall find” the quote should be “lose and ye shall find.”

He who lives by the chip shall die by the chip.

Need to deepen your relationship? Paint a picture. It lasts forever.

I just want to cerebrate.